Salvage for Campers

Your search for a used camper will inevitably lead you to camper salvage yards. In addition to finding camper salvage yards, you should also know where to salvage your camper in the future.

Finding Deals On Salvaged Campers

As you peruse camper salvage yards for deals, you may wonder why these campers and RVs are so affordable. Camper salvage yards offer inexpensive campers for a variety of reasons. Many campers were dropped off without key components and rebuilt for sale. As such, these campers are made with replacement parts and aren't covered by manufacturer warranties. The best salvaged campers continue to perform over thousands of miles, thanks to these makeovers.

Camper salvage yards receive inexpensive campers because of repossessions, surpluses, and estate sales. Repossessed campers may be auctioned off at salvage yards with the proceeds going to pay debts for former owners. Camper manufacturers may try to recoup production costs by selling older models to salvage yards. Salvage yard owners also scour local and regional estate sales to find campers, RVs, and other equipment for resale. These salvaged campers tend to be sold in new or nearly new conditions, though the prices may be higher than reconditioned campers.

Criteria For Good Salvaged Campers

Once you find a reliable salvage yard, you need to look for tell-tale signs of a bad camper before making a purchase. You should not disqualify campers based simply on hail damage and other superficial considerations. These minor issues can be solved with a bit of body work after purchase. Your main concern should be determining the structural integrity of a salvaged camper. From rusted wheel wells to a bent axle, a salvaged camper can be riddled with problems that will turn a deal into a lemon.

You should also look carefully at the parts used in reconditioned and newly repaired campers. An unscrupulous yard owner may simply install parts that appear in good condition, but do not actually work. If you just give a cursory glance to these parts, you may make an expensive mistake when buying a camper. A surefire way to avoid buying a showpiece instead of a camper is to bring a mechanic along to inspect the unit before purchase.

T.S. Recreational Salvage ©

T.S. Recreational Salvage © (http://www.recreationalsalvage.com/) is a salvage yard in Minnesota carrying campers, ATVs, and boats. This camper salvage yard focuses largely on Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, though it receives bids from clients nationwide. Customers are able to look through the company's website for salvaged campers. Each unit in its Campers section features a detailed description as well as enough photos to help you make your decision. Once you have found a salvaged camper, you can place your bid through the company's online auction section. In addition to bidding online, you can ask questions of camper owners and find out the progress of the auction through its last seconds.

You can also work through T.S. Recreational Salvage © to auction off your campers and other outdoor equipment. The company may be located in the middle of Minnesota, but it stays open year round. Customers can have their campers and RVs assessed year round by making appointments with T.S. Recreational Salvage © staff. The large property used by T.S. Recreational Salvage © means that dozens of campers can be stored until their auctions are complete.

RVSalvage.com ©

Massachusetts-based RVSalvage.com © (http://www.rvsalvage.ws/) places salvaged campers and camper parts from around the United States up for auction. This salvage yard is notable for the transparency of where it received campers as well as the conditions of their products. The bid screen at RVSalvage.com © goes well beyond simply the product name and current bid. You can find out if a camper up for bid was acquired through repossession, donation, or other means. RVSalvage.com © also lists where their campers are received from, which range from Rhode Island to Texas.

Camper owners looking to sell to salvage yards work with RVSalvage.com © for a variety of reasons. The company has been auctioning RVs and campers for more than 25 years, creating a track record of successful sales. RVSalvage.com © carefully classifies its campers and RVs in order to make connections with motivated buyers. The simple auction format at RVSalvage.com © allows buyers and sellers to make connections on a short timetable.

Colaw RV Parts & amp; Salvage ©

Colaw RV Parts & amp; Salvage © (http://www.colawrvsalvage.com/) carries one of the biggest inventories of used campers and RVs from its Missouri-based headquarters. The company's 40,000-square foot salvage facility is used to store campers, disassemble units, and store spare parts. The main page at Colaw RV Parts & amp; Salvage © features a list of featured campers with sale price, product name, and vehicle identification number. Colaw RV Parts & amp; Salvage © works through RVTrader.com ® to facilitate online sales of its more than 500 new and used campers.

If you are simply looking to repair your camper, you can find an extensive inventory of parts at Colaw RV Parts & amp; Salvage © . The company's mechanics and warehouse staff work daily to disassemble salvaged campers. These campers are taken apart to create an inventory of working parts with lower prices than factory replacements and new parts. Whether it is a refrigerator or a propane generator, Colaw RV Parts & amp; Salvage © will ship its parts throughout the United States.

RV Surplus ©

RV Surplus © (http://www.rvsurplus.net/index.php) stands in stark contrast from the techniques of competitors like Colaw RV Parts & amp; Salvage © . This salvage yard does not cannibalize used campers and RVs for parts resold to the public. RV Surplus © relies instead on campers, parts, and accessories that are purchased at deep discounts from manufacturers. These new campers and components may cost more per unit, but they arrive to customers in factory condition.

If you are interested in rebuilding a used camper or RV, RV Surplus © offers everything needed for your project. The Inside RV section of RV Surplus © features everything from window shades to creative lighting to produce a comfortable indoor setting. RV Surplus © offers exterior components like liquid petroleum (LP) gas tanks, steps, and awnings through its Outside RV section. You can also rework the foundations of your camper with plumbing, power, and towing components from RV Surplus © .

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